Daily Deals Terms & Conditions

What is Storm Worldwide Jujitsu Crew Daily Deal ?

Stormkimonos.com is the World's Best jiu jitsu site. Following the latest patented innovations in fighters apparel, & every day we strive to consistently offer you the best quality product items & combination deals around. We create one offer per day until it is sold out or until 12:PM Eastern Time when a new deal begins.

What is the schedule for new items? 

We offer a new item every day at 12PM Eastern Time. When a new item goes on sale, the previous item is no longer available at the previous price - end of story

If you missed yesterday's item, how can I get one?

You cannot - When a deal ends it ends, no exceptions.

I'd like to speak with a live person, can you call us ?

We'd love to chat, but due to our time zones it is impossible to be available on phones all day every day. Email us at sales@submissionsportswear.com.

What if I don't like an item I bought?

We don't accept or take returns or exchanges on Daily Deals. Each Daily Deal is Super Value & unique. If you really don't want it any more, ordered the wrong size, or have a change of heart, consider reselling it on eBay or consider selling it to your fellow students within your gym or on "market place”. All sizing & measurement details are on each product page & are very clean & clear to make the correct purchase decision. Any fraudulent cancellations or payment disputes due to local regulations that are out of our control & considered standard regulatory protocol within your country will be published on our site with the full details, considered theft & shared within the BJJ community. Any racist, defamatory or threatening contact via any medium with storm or related staff will be reported to authorities, published, & result in possible legal action. Be nice, be polite, be respectful, fair & reasonable, Storm will have your back & do everything we can to help .You are not invisible just because you're online. Storm love & respect you & our BJJ community & we expect the same in return, YOU are Jiu - Jitsu - Rise above.

How long does it take to get my item? Most items ship the next business day. Very occasionally items take longer to ship. Average delivery time should be between 5 - 7 days for US &  7-10 days for other territories, but they can sometimes be stuck in customs which would cause additional delay & at present we are at all at the mercy of your countries customs dept.

Can I return a defective product? 

Don't ship it back. Shoot us an email at sales@submissionsportswear.com and we'll take care of it for you.

How many items are available in a given sale? 

This varies for each daily deal 

Can I buy more than 1? 

Yes you can purchase multiple times for any deal but you will need refresh you screen & create another transaction to achieve this.


How can I pay?

All mainstream variable forms of payment are available & are detailed on the check out page or FAQ section of  www.stormkimonos.com

Which countries do you ship to internationally?












New Zealand





South Korea





United Kingdom

International Orders

How are the packages marked? 

We do our best to reduce the likelihood that Storm shoppers will have added customs fees, import taxes, and other costs sometimes associated with international shipments. Orders will be shipped in a plain DHL envelope or package. Although there are no guarantees, this helps ensure that our customers do not get surprised by additional costs levied by their country's postal service.USA customers pricing includes duty, state & federal tax, other locations such as UK & EU may be subject to duty & vat on entry.

Please Note ! 

STORM is not responsible for, nor can we offer, any specific advice regarding any customs related fees that you may incur. For specific information, please consult with your local government import office but please note that EU & UK shipments normally require VAT of 20% on entry & your local customs dept will contact you for payment (exactly like every other imported item going through your borders). If you order the product & refuse delivery on arrival to your country destination, STORM are NOT liable to refund, credit or bear the cost of any local government regulations & we will not accept PayPal or Credit Card disputes based on any of your government regulatory additional costs for which we have no control over, nor responsibility or ability to influence.( Please note that USA customers are exempt from duties ,State and Federal tax as pricing within the USA are  duty & tax inclusive country wide)

Do you have a Fraud Protection Policy? Of course! For your protection orders are subject to STORM's verification procedure. You may be asked to verify that you are the card owner, or that the order information is legitimate. This may include a request for a copy of your credit card (front and back), which can be transmitted by email when necessary. Should your order require verification, you will be notified by email. 


STORM  reserves the right to refuse an order when the address or credit card is not verifiable. If so, a refund will be issued via the same method you used to make your payment.

Are all prices in US Dollars? Storm Kimonos advertise in USD but you will be charged in your local currency.

The product price does not include customs, duties and/or taxes ( except USA). Your credit card company may charge you a conversion fee. We will charge your credit card in US Dollars. Likewise, refunds will be issued in US Dollars. The refunded amount may be more or less than the purchase price due to fluctuations in exchange rates.