The Jiu-jitsu community includes a loyal and passionate group of people from all over the world that put in the effort to train and learn everyday. Thanks to your loyalty and appreciation for our Gi's and apparel, STORM continues to grow and learn as well. In an effort to maximize the learning aspect of the sport and community, we have setup multiple ways for your voice to be heard.

Your voice and questions are a critical driver for our improvement. 

PRODUCT QUESTIONS: Find any product on and click the button to ask a question. You will also find answers to questions from other people listed on each product page as well.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have questions about your order, shopping on the site or even opening up a wholesale account, you can contact us here or catch us on chat when we're online. 

SOCIAL NETWORKS:  Learn from the best... Social media is where most of the conversations are happening, and STORM offers plenty of ways to connect directly to our internal team, world class athletes, as well as discussions within the community. Please DM us, post your comments and reach out to ask questions where ever you find us and our ambassador's online. 

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