STORM Journey: Romulo Barral

Once or twice in a lifetime will you meet someone that embodies the elements required to succeed at almost any goal. We are talking about a person that listens more than he speaks, thinks before he talks, 

does what he says, leads by total example and seems to co-ordinate these multitude of elements in unison from moment to moment.

A person thats values expand beyond the mat, gym or home but worn like armour with whom ever he meets and who represents the essence of "Humble" at all times.

Since 2014 it has been our pleasure and honour to work with Professor Romulo Barral in which we have witnessed him develop some of the greatest Jiu-Jitsu talent of our time. As well as sewn the seeds for the future, with a level of integrity and dedication to his craft. Everyday creating inspirational moments on and off the mat for us mortals whom like myself crave a little of spirit he carries within him. Of course one could talk all day about the Gold medals, the Titles and the amazing moments we have all witnessed on the mats but the reality is that Professor Romulo represents more than all that. Professor Romulo represents what can be done with total commitment, honesty and empathy to any given situation.

With that in mind it is now with great pride that we wish Professor Romulo all the best on his future endeavour, "Everyday Porrada", which we will wholeheartedly support. From us all here at STORM Kimonos, and BJJ practitioners around the World we thank you for your inspiration, your courage and example that we can do our best to emulate.

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